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Drive Shafts, Inc. has a long-standing reputation as one of the leading driveline providers because of a commitment to excellence. By providing outstanding customer service and relying on our vast product and industry knowledge, we consistently deliver quality products.  We strive to provide prices, services and products that will solve each customer's immediate driveline needs but also establish an on-going business relationship.  Whether you are in need of 50 custom-built industrial driveline parts or the repair of your automotive driveshaft, your satisfaction is our goal.

We understand that every customer is different, so we take pride in building each drive shaft to your exact specifications.  There is an endless variety of parts and products available for custom drivelines, so we take special care in determining each individual or company's need. Whether modifying an existing driveline or building a custom product, we ensure that you get the right drive shaft for your application. 

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We have worked with Drive Shafts, Inc. since 1977 when the company name was Rick's Driveline Shop.  Our company modifies trucks, buses, and cars, making them longer or shorter depending on the situation.  We require drivelines that are custom-made to fit.

Latest News

September 15, 2009

We are often asked if we install towing products, and the answer is yes!  Using Remco products, we make towing a vehicle simple, safe and worry-free.

September 14, 2009

Drive Shafts, Inc. takes pride in every product built.  Whether for an individual or corporation, each driveline must perform at its peak and that requires that it be built with attention to every detail.  Those details begin with superior parts.

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